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What should I do if my order hasn't been delivered yet?

Please either contact us via email or phone (239) 299-9500 so we can correct the situation.

How can I get a new returns note?

Please either contact us via email or phone (239) 299-9500 so we can correct the situation.

I'm an international customer, have you received my returned items?

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How do I access the BossVision VA documentation?

Full BossVision VA technical documentation is available under the “Answers to Questions” drop down menu in both the BossVision Admin and Review applications. There you will find a complete software walk through, VMS integration documents, optimization guides, and more.

If you do not have access to your BossVision installation, email

If you are part of our certified reseller program, enter our portal to access training materials and videos.


I installed BossVision VA, added the license key but it did not start.

If you just installed or started BossVision , it is possible that the system take a few moments to get online. If it has been more than a few seconds, it is possible that all of the components of BossVision VA have not yet started. In your system tray, you will see an BossVision icon. Double click on this icon and the System Monitor will open. There you should see 4 components: Site Controller, Machine Controller, Digital Video Controller, and HTTP Server. All 4 of these (the HTTP server might not be necessary), should have green arrows indicating they are started. If any of the Site Controller, Machine Controller, Digital Video Controller components do not have a green arrow, please click on them and click start.

When I try to install BossVision VA, I receive a Database Updater error.

This can occur if specific Windows updates have not been performed on the computer you are installing BossVision VA. Please install the following Windows updates:

If that fails, make sure the following prerequisites are installed:,-windows-8.1,-and-windows-server-2012-r2-update-april-2014

NOTE: The updates must be installed in the following order: clearcompressionflag.exe, KB2919355, KB2932046, KB2959977, KB2937592, KB2938439, and KB2934018

How do I install an BossVision VA remote client?

Use the same installer on the client machine, but when you get to the page titled “Choose Components”, select only BossVision Review and BossVision Admin. To run the BossVision client Admin or Review applications simply select the Remote Address and enter the IP of the host computer. The port is typically 9333 unless changed during install.

Getting Started

How do I re-activate an expired BossVision VA license?

If your license has expired or there has been a change in your license, you will need to re-activate your BossVision VA license. To activate your license, go to Help in the Admin Application, choose Activate License in the dropdown menu.

How do I restart BossVision VA?

To restart BossVision VA system double click on the BossVision icon and open the System Monitor. Then right click on the System Monitor, and select “stop BossVision”, once you see the red “stopped” icon appear, right click on the System Monitor again, and select “start BossVision”.

How do I export the BossVision VA system logs?

With most problems you encounter and need to contact BossVision support, it is recommended to export the system logs so we can help you quickly. To export the system logs, go to Help in the Admin Application, choose Export System Logs in the dropdown menu.

How do I import camera configuration settings from an XML file?

  1. In the BossVision Admin app, right-click on the camera name, and select ‘Import Settings…’
  2. Select the XML file you would like to import from
  3. Click ‘No’ when asked if you want to change the video source
  4. Expand the camera so you can see the event rules configured in the XML.

How do I import a trained classification model to another camera?

  1. In the BossVision Admin app, click on the camera name.
  2. Under the ‘Action’ menu, select ‘Import Training…’
  3. Select the xxxx.bin file which has the trained model and hit ‘Open’.
  4. Click ‘Apply’ to save your changes.

After adding a camera or video file to BossVision VA, the video does not play or stops playing after a short duration.

The reason for this is the computer not having the proper codecs for decoding the video. A quick solution for this is to ingest the video through VLC. If you already have the VLC installed check if you can play the video in VLC. You will need to install the newest version of VLC (2.2.6), you can download it here:

You will need the correct version of VLC for your computer – 64 bit or 32 bit. Please note, VLC installs 32x by default, if you are on a 64x machine, you may need to uninstall and install the correct version. After installing VLC, please restart BossVision VA services (see restarting BossVision VA).

Detection and Tracking

What type of camera view should I use for count analytics?

The best view for accurate object counting is a top down view, however this may not always be possible especially when working with existing camera views. BossVision VA works very well with high oblique views, with cameras within a 30 degree angle of vertical. For indoor people counting, we recommend cameras at 10-12 ft high. For vehicle counting, we recommend cameras about 20-25 ft(or higher), such as mounted on overpass bridges or stable light poles.

How many moving objects can be tracked in a camera view?

There isn’t a limit to the number of objects which can be tracked in a scene, however when the objects begin to overlap one another, they will merge into one object. Depending on the goal for the video analytics in the scene, you will still be able to detect the item of interest.

Two moving objects in my scene sometimes have only one bounding box, are they not detected separately?

When two moving objects get close to each other for ease of understanding the scene, we merge their bounding boxes into one. However, if they started as separate objects we are still tracking them as two objects and when they start moving away, you will see that they retain their original object ID numbers (to view object IDs, click on the Overlays menu, and select “object IDs”).

How many different analytics events can be configured for a camera view?

With full featured BossVision VA licenses There is no limit to the number of event rules than can be configured and used for a camera. The event rules available for your system is controlled by your license type.

How many different object types can be classified with BossVision VA?

The classification types are unlimited, you just need to train the classifiers (using BossVision VA) for different object types. We can provide default classification models for vehicles and people, but recommend that you train your own classification models as the models trained in your view will perform better. The User Manual provides details of the Object Classification training – the full user documentation can be found under “Help” > “View Help” in the BossVision applications.

Event Review

How do I search objects by color in BossVision VA?

To be able to search object detected and tracked in BossVision VA the setting for Save Track Summaries (Under Advanced tab of the Admin application Camera View ) has to be turned on. This setting stores the track summaries for this camera in the database. These tracks are then used in BossVision Review Application to search for object tracks, and to also to create heatmaps.

How do I tag BossVision VA detected events to search later?

To tag an event, first view the event in BossVision Review Application then follow the steps below:

  • Click on event to add a tag.
  • To search for tagged events, go to the Event Search View of the Review App, and search across all cameras or a subset of cameras, and then type in the desired tag.
  • All events that have been tagged will appear along with event snapshots for review.

Cloud Storage

1) How do I port-forward my camera?

You can read our port-forwarding guide here.

2) Can I switch plans at anytime?

Sure. When you switch from one plan to another we’ll apply the change immediately and automatically pro-rate any pricing differences.

3) Is there a contract term?

No. We offer monthly plans with no contract term. Note — all our plans auto-renew until you cancel. You simply pay as you go and are free to cancel at anytime. There are no refunds after 30 days.

4) What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

5) How do your recording storage limits work?

Our storage limits refer to the number of days we keep your media. If you have a 7 day plan, any recorded media from the last 7 days will be saved. Same for the 14 and 30 day plans.

6) Do you sell cameras? Where do I buy cameras for this service?

We do not sell cameras. We allow our customers to purchase the camera of their choice while we remain focused on developing a cloud service. You can view our list of supported cameras which also provides Amazon links if you wish to buy some online.

7) What’s the difference between a webcam and IP camera?

We use the term “webcam” to describe computer cameras that are connected (or built-in) to your PC/Mac. These are the cameras commonly used for Skype and other applications. IP cameras are standalone devices that normally connect over WiFi, also commonly referred to as “Network Cameras”.

8) What if I don’t see my camera listed on your website?

No problem, just contact our support team and we will let you know if it works with our service. Or better yet, just try our free plan and see if it works!

9) Can I connect Boss Life Storage to my DVR/NVR system?

No. We connect directly to the camera over the internet and do not support connection to a local DVR/NVR. You can however add a switch that connects the cameras to the router/modem and the NVR/DVR, allowing you to use it on Boss Life and the local system.

10) Can I download recordings from my cloud account?

Yes, all our paid plans include the ability to download individual recordings.

11) Is there an easy way to delete older recordings I don’t want saved anymore?

Yes, you can delete any individual media file. Note that we automatically delete any media older than your storage limit so we take care of this for you.

12) What kind of support do you provide?

You can find content to get more familiar with Boss Life’s capabilities by looking at our tutorial’s page, our knowledge base, and you can always email support.

13) I don’t see my camera listed. How can I determine if you support it?

We support any IP camera that supports MJPEG/H.264 streaming and has an FTP client for recording uploads. If you’re not sure, the best thing is to contact our support team or just try our Free Plan and test your camera out first.

14) Why am I only seeing images being uploaded to my account? Don’t you support video recordings for every camera?

Not necessarily — it depends on the camera. For many brands we support continuous recording (Business Account only). However changing to motion detection would then be what’s available from the camera. For example some models like older Axis cameras or Hikvision only send images. Consult your camera’s documentation.

15) I already have this free app with my camera, why do I need Boss Life Cloud?

Most free apps provided with cameras are “viewer apps” only — meaning you can view a single or small number of connected cameras, and typically only work for that camera brand. Boss Life provides this functionality, plus the ability to store recorded video in the cloud (we call this cloud storage), an easy-to-use interface to manage, review and download your clips, all within a single app to manage all your devices (from all supported manufacturers). These features go well beyond the apps provided by camera manufacturers.

16) Do I have to port forward my camera?

This isn’t required if you’re using one of our Play&Play cameras: Amcrest, Axis, Speco and Hanwha Techwin(Business Plan only). Otherwise Port Forwarding will be required. We’ve provided a port-forwarding guide that explains how to do this.

17) What type of camera do I have? MJPEG or H.264?

Typically older cameras are MJPEG cameras where newer ones have H.264 support. Your camera’s documentation should let you know what you have. Some support both. Typically it is better to use H.264 as it has better compression thereby saving you some bandwidth, however you can’t beat the responsiveness on a Live View with MJPEG cameras. Whatever you have make sure to follow the guides appropriately. Either MJPEG or H.264.

18) Do I need a static IP?

Not if you are using a Plug & Play camera. If you are using a port forward camera it is typically recommended, however you can also use a service like DDNS. Often that is provided as a free service from your camera.

19) Failure to play the selected media

Common issue to play any media on your timeline. Reasons are typically corrupt video or images sent from the camera. Usually meaning outdated firmware on your camera.

20) What are the supported web browsers?

Latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari.