Analytics Software

BossVision Pro

Enterprise grade Video Analytics in easy-to-use solution packages!

Learning scenes and objects with cutting-edge algorithms, GPU acceleration for maximum efficiency, comprehensive set of event rules, and integrations with 3rd party systems enable BossVision Pro to meet the most challenging intelligent video requirements.

Available Modules

BossVision PRO Face Detection and Matching 

Detect and match faces in your camera views with BossVision PRO Face. With face enrollment and matching, catalogued faces can be labeled with the appropriate names, and event notifications can be generated when an enrolled person enters the scene.

BossVision PRO Retail Video Analytics 

Generate actionable intelligence for business operations with BossVision PRO Retail. Improve customer experience, manage wait times, collect customer traffic data, design and test store layouts, generate heat-maps, and schedule employees, all while preventing loss and increasing security.

BossVision PRO Security Video Analytics 

Secure buildings, premises, campuses, and infrastructure with BossVision PRO’s flagship Security analytics. Protect assets, people and facilities with top-of-the-line video detection algorithms for a wide range of scenes and situations. Deploy optimized solutions with flexible event rules to suit every scenario.

BossVision PRO Traffic Video Analytics 

Analyze traffic data in less time and at lower-cost with BossVision PRO Traffic. Count and classify vehicles by type, measure speeds and flow rates all without expensive hardware deployments or tedious manual counting, detect idle vehicles and pedestrians on the roadsides and more.

BossVision PRO Parking Video Analytics 

Manage and protect parking areas with BossVision PRO Parking. Ideal for a wide range of deployments from SmartCity to private parking facilities, BossVision PRO Parking provides at-a-glance confirmation of free parking spots as well as detecting events to ensure parking lot security and safety.

BossVision Lite

Simple and basic video analytics and accuracy comparable to full featured BossVision PRO at a fraction of the cost.

BossVision Lite offers the most commonly used analytics at a low price! Light-weight analytics means high number of video cameras processed per server, resulting in reduced hardware costs.

Edge Analytics

BossVision Edge Analytics

Run analytics fully on the camera – no other hardware needed! Our algorithms work great on the edge with many event rules optimized for the compatible cameras..

BossVision Edge offers smart, reliable video analytics, optimized for the edge. Events include: Activity, Enter/Exit, Left-Object, Object-Taken, Speeding-Object, Wrong-Way, and Zone-Intrusion. Person classification and event specific settings provide high levels of specificity, paired with advanced object detection and tracking for optimal results. Three license levels allow you to purchase precisely what is required for your project. BossVision Edge is currently available on a number of camera platforms, including: Axis, Cisco, Dahua, Hanwha, and Vivotek, as well as custom system on chip platforms.

BossVision Edge People Counter

Count customers or pedestrians with BossVision Edge People Counter. With full edge based event management capabilities, your customer count information is saved directly on-board your camera allowing you to view and export graphs containing person counts. Person classification and event specific settings provide high levels of specificity, paired with advanced object detection and tracking, and specially designed people counting event give optimal results.

BossVision Edge Vehicle Counter

Manage traffic counts with BossVision Edge Vehicle Counter. Optimized to work in ingress/egress points from parking lots as well as medium or light traffic roadways, Vehicle Counter collects and saves counts directly on-board your camera, allowing you to view and export graphs containing vehicle count information. Specially designed vehicle counting event with event specific settings provides high levels of specificity, paired with advanced object detection and tracking for optimal results.

Optimal hardware for any deployment

BossVision’s hardware-software bundle systems are made to order and optimally configured for your video analytics deployment requirements.These high performance systems are available as rack-mount, tower, and compact mini units for a wide range of deployment scenarios from small installations with few cameras to large distributed systems with hundreds of cameras.

Lowest hardware cost per channel with GPUs

BossVision custom systems provide the lowest hardware cost per video input channel by utilizing off-the-shelf graphics cards (GPUs) for processing acceleration. All BossVision software is fully GPU enabled for maximum efficiency and highest performance.