Boss Life Security

Boss Life Security and Access Control was founded to better serve small business to large enterprises in their search for security and analytics needs.  We have partnered with the best companies around the world to offer Video Analytics like Facial Matching, Parking Lot Managament, Roadway Management, People Counting, and much more.  We also offer a complete video security solution via our own Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise line camera series.  Our cameras set the standard in what to expect from an American based company but amaze for their affordability.  To tie our solution together we have established a cloud storage solution to store your video footage offsite for up to 90 days.   We sit down and speak with our customers to better understand what their immediate needs are and what future needs may be.  We discuss options to provide better reliability, improved performance, and increased business continuity.  Boss Life Security is responsible for not only designing a solution but also making sure it is implemented correctly.

Why Choose Boss Life Security?

With strong intelligent video analytics solutions ranging from surveillance video analysis to video forensics to a worldclass camera systems and premium cloud storage environments, we are the best choice for your video analytic and security needs.

  • Our Camera system maintain a low cost by going direct to consumer rather than selling through retailers and is trusted by multi national brands.
  • We are constantly working on R&D efforts, keeping our products and technology at the leading edge of the video analytics field.
  • We work with each client to develop customized security and surveillance solutions to meet the unique needs of each deployment.
  • Our flexible software can be implemented on your existing platform, providing huge cost savings over alternative video analytics solutions.
  • Our distributed software functionality allows you to easily and gracefully expand deployments, and our integrated edge, Lite, and prime analytics allow you to select the best for each camera all within one system.

We pride ourselves on our easy-to-use software and full documentation, but have a dedicated support team to help if any additional support is required.

With decades of combined experience in cyber security, high-reliability networking products, and software development tools, the founders started Boss Life Security Cloud with an initial focus on building a do-it-yourself (DIY) cloud video surveillance solution. Today thousands of businesses rely on the Boss Life Security Cloud platform. The company is now the go-to solution provider for small businesses and multi-location enterprises who want a hardware-free video surveillance system.