We produce and manufacture the highest quality cameras for all budgets.  All cameras are capable of both onsite storage and cloud storage options.  Not only do we provide cloud backup options for our brand of cameras but we also integrate with the best brands availbe such as Axis, Lorex, Arlo, Hikvision. Amcrest, Hanwha, and Vivotek.

We designed a solution to allow businesses to capture guest information via a WiFi connection.  Any customer that uses your guest network would provide authorization to personal information such as email, gender, age, Social likes and interests, as well as phone numbers.  We use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as a simple contact form to authiticate users and allows them acces to your wireles internet.  This allows business to monitor how often a customer comes into a venue, how long they spend there, as well the ability to market directly to the customer based on thier likes and information they provide.

We have partnered with all the major content providers to assemble the only IP based commercial and residential TV solution.  Watch your shows anywhere around the world for 1 simple price.  Apps available on Android, Apple, Roku, and Samsung TV’s.  Commercial customers can greatly reduce thier cost for television programing by not paying monthly fees for equipment while offering thousands more choices for thier customers.

Boss Life Communications was established to provide customers superior customer service while offering the largest available selection of providers in the industry. We have partnered with over 200+ providers to ensure the perfect solution for your business or home. Some of the companies we represent are Comcast Business, Centurylink, Directv, Crown Castle,Spectrum, Frontier FIOS, Net2Phone, Star2Star, 8×8, RingCentral, and Vonage Business.  This is your one stop shop for all telecom and data services.

Boss Life Solar was established to give customers an alternative to some of the over priced solar providers on the market. We use the best equipment to design a solar system that works for your specific use case.  We do not sell products off the shelf as each customer has different needs which result in a custom tailormade solution for each and every customer.  Service are for both commercial and residential applications.

Boss Life Automation has partnered with all major automation brands to provide a one stop solution for all automation and control needs.  We can provide lighting, shades, water supply, energy monitoring, electronics control and much more.  We take a cusotmers vision to a solution and provide them with the tools to make it a reality.

Boss Life mobile has partnered with the largest cellular network across North America to provide an affordable solution to wireless connectivity.  We also have secured agreements with all the name brands of phone and tablet protection and accessories to offer our customers not only the best pricing and reliability for the cellular service but also the best pricing and selection of accessories for those products.

We have seured distribution and retail agreements with all the major consumer electronic brands. These brands include Apple, Google, Denon, Yamaha, Martin Logan, Polycom, Yealink, Arlo, and so many others.  This is your one-stop solution for anything related to consumer electronics.

Once you do business with one of our many companies you will understand why so many customers come to us first for anything related to better your life or business. We are here to provide our customers with the oppurtunity to live the Boss Life with us and we can not wait to assist you with your next project.