BossVision analytics, on the edge. Add our intelligent people counting and tracking to your smart cameras, reliable counts without additional hardware.

BossVision Edge People Counter

BossVision’s powerful video analytics are available in your smart camera!

Count customers or pedestrians with BossVision Edge People Counter. Optimized to run entirely on-board the camera, with count management and reports, BossVision Edge People Counter gives you a full people counting solution entirely on the edge.With full edge based event management capabilities, your customer count information is saved directly on-board your camera allowing you to view and export graphs containing person counts. Detailed segmenting allow you to see how customer counts change over time and gain understanding of customer behavior and patterns.

Person classification and event specific settings provide high levels of specificity, paired with advanced object detection and tracking and specially designed people counting event give optimal results. Video overlays make configuration simple and effective.

Random Selector 

Running entirely on the edge, BossVision Person Random Selector can offer an unbiased tool to allow you to search a specified percentage of people. Our reliable analytics detect and count each person, and alarm on a user customizable percent. This can be tied into an I/O module or other alert system.

Users can easily change the percentage on the fly to adjust for changing security conditions, ensuring that people are searched reliably and without bias – as well is this being an automated task that does not take security personnel’s attention away from more important concerns.

Alternatively, use BossVision random selector to audit your counts or events. Either in the case of wanting to verify the accuracy of your count events, or wishing to audit your security staff, this can help you perform unbiased auditing, to ensure results are accurate.

BossVision Edge Reports

BossVision Edge counters store count data directly onboard the camera for 90 days and facilitate graphing the counts in real-time, providing a simple alternative for collecting people or vehicle traffic statistics.

Compatible with all events, edge reports can be used to view customer count information, vehicle speeds, vehicle counts, intrusion event trends, and more.

Edge reports allow flexibility in data display, providing counts by day, hour, and 15 minute increments, or providing average event counts over those durations, allowing you to see data as well as easily track count patterns.

Data can be exported as a CSV file for further analysis, graphs can be saved to share with others and for use in presentations.

Edge reports are available with the following BossVision Edge versions:

  • BossVision Edge People Counter
  • BossVision Edge Vehicle Counter
  • BossVision Edge Plus
  • BossVision Edge Premium

Compatible events include:

  • Activity
  • Enter/Exit
  • Left Object
  • Object Taken
  • People Counter
  • Speeding Object
  • Throughput
  • Wrong Way
  • Vehicle Counter
  • Zone Intrusion

Compatible Camera Platforms

BossVision’s edge analytics are available on multiple camera platforms, including Axis, Cisco, Hanwha, Vivotek, and Dahua, as well as custom system on chip platforms.

Edge analytics run directly on board the camera, using the resources available on-board the camera. Additional features and better processing results may be available on cameras with more powerful processors.

Axis Cameras

We are currently compatible with all Axis cameras with ARTPEC-4, -5, and -6 chipsets. Edge based event management and reports are available for all compatible Axis cameras. Best processing performance is available on cameras with ARTPEC-6 chipsets.

For questions about specific camera models, please contact us.

Cisco Cameras

We are currently compatible with the following Cisco IP camera models: CIVS-IPC-283x, CIVS-IPC-3xxx, CIVS-IPC-6xxx, CIVS-IPC-6930, CIVS-IPC-7xxx, and CIVS-IPC-8xxx. Edge based event management and reports are available for all compatible Cisco cameras.

Dahua Cameras

As part of the Dahua Open Platform, our edge analytics are available on a variety of Dahua Smart Cameras. Edge based event management and reports are available for all compatible Vivotek cameras. Please contact us if you have questions regarding a specific camera.

Hanwha Techwin (Samsung) Cameras

We are currently compatible with all camera models within 5004, 6004, and 7004 series. Additional cameras are added to our compatibility list frequently. Please contact us if you have questions regarding a specific camera.

Edge based event management and reports are not currently available for Hanwha Techwin cameras.

Vivotek Cameras

Currently compatible Vivotek cameras are listed below. Edge based event management and reports are available for all compatible Vivotek cameras.

2 Megapixel 5 Megapixel
Fixed Dome FD9365-EHTV
Bullet IB9365-EHT






For questions about additional camera models, please contact us.

BossVision Edge Version Comparison

This table offers a comparison between the three major versions of BossVision VA – BossVision Lite, BossVision Modules, and BossVision Core. For more information on the domain specific event rules included in each module, see the specific module page: BossVision Face, BossVision Retail, BossVision Security, and BossVision Traffic.

BossVision Edge License Basic Plus Premium People Counter Vehicle Counter
Intelligent Detection & Tracking
Person Classification
Object Settings
Video Settings
Notification Settings
Exclusion Zones
Bounding Box Overlay on Live Video
Live Event Counts/Tally
On-Board Event Management
Event Reports
Event Graphing
Event Export as CSV
Number of Event Rules Per Camera 1 2 unlimited 1 1
Event Rules
    Enter Exit
    Left Object
    Object Taken
    People Counter
    Speed Detection
    Vehicle Counter
    Wrong Way
    Zone Intrusion
Roadway Settings
Event Settings
Advanced Event Settings
Event Zone