BossVision LiTE delivers object detection and tracking accuracy comparable to our full feature video analytics at a fraction of the price and uses only a fraction of the computational resources.

BossVision Lite

Light-weight video analytics detect vehicle in illegal u-turn.

BossVision Lite delivers the same robust object detection and tracking accuracy from our full featured analytics, but simplified. At a lower price point, and requiring less processing than our full featured analytics, BossVision Lite is the ideal solution for customers with simple scenes, requiring something beyond simple motion detection.

BossVision Lite still detects objects and tracks them throughout the scene, building up much more confidence in correct detections as opposed to simple motion detection, however, this is done in a more simplified manner, allowing for a lower camera resolution for detection and tracking.

Ideal for close indoor scenes, looking at person intrusion or people counting, and for simple outdoor scenes, BossVision Lite allows you to process a high number of video cameras per server, while still giving you access to advance features, such as classification, scheduling, triggers, etc.

With only two settings to change per camera, BossVision Lite can be quickly deployed, with minimal setup time, and mixed instillations of BossVision Lite and BossVision PRO are allowed, which lets you add the lower cost BossVision Lite to your simple scenes, while adding more advanced processing to the more challenging scenes.

Process up to 10 times as many cameras on one server as comparable video analytics solutions.

This lightweight solution allows you to pair analytics with our world-class offering of reporting add-ons, such as event graphing, search, and review, scene heatmaps, and more!

BossVision Lite Events

BossVision Lite allows you to add two analytic rules to each camera, from the following list.

Event Description
Activity Detect activity in a zone. This can be used for a wide variety of situations, from security to manufacturing and more.
Camera Tampering Detect when a camera has been obscured or blocked, either intentionally or maliciously.
Direction Detect vehicles or people moving in the wrong direction, either approaching a secure location or moving the wrong way down a one-way.
Left Object Detect objects left behind & no longer near other active objects (people, or vehicles).
Perimeter Intrusion Detect if someone or something has entered into a zone. This is helpful when you have information about how intruders will approach a facility, or to protect construction areas, etc.
Throughput Detect if someone or something has crossed both active edges of the throughput zone in the specified direction.

BossVision VA Version Comparison

This table offers a comparison between the three major versions of BossVision PRO- BossVision Lite and BossVision Modules. For more information on the domain specific event rules included in each module, see the specific module page: BossVision PRO Face, BossVision PRO Parking, BossVision PRO Retail, BossVision PRO Security, and BossVision PRO Traffic.

BossVision PRO Product Line Lite PRO Module
Intelligent Detection & Tracking
Trainable Object Classification
User and Group Management
System Auditing Tools
Optimization Settings:
    Basic Settings
    Object Classification
    Advanced Settings
Camera Settings Templates
Core Event Rules:
    Camera Tampering/Quality
    Idle (Object)
    Smoke Detection
    Zone Intrusion
Domain Specific Event Rules: See additional event rules for each module on the module page
    PRO Face: Face Detection and Matching
    PRO Retail: Retail Events
    PRO Security: Security Events
    PRO Traffic: Traffic Events
Compound Events
Counting Events
Notification of Camera Loss
Notification of Low Frame Rate
Video Processing Resolution limited unlimited
VMS Video Ingestion
Camera Review
    View Live Video
    View Archived Video
    Floor Plan View
Event Graphs, Search & Review
Reporting Options:
    Color/Track Search
    Output Triggers
        VMS Triggers
        Email Notifications
        HTTP Triggers
        Audio & Contact Closure